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How Education Consultants can help you make the most of the oversea opportunity

Who are they?

  • A person who has a abroad knowledge on variety education and career chances

  • They will provide the suitable solutions for identifying student needs, on the other hands, the will help you customize and design your master career plan.

  • They are certified to provide the right education solutions by the professional associations within the education industry.

  • They will sort out the best solutions to ensure the student success.

Education consultants grant a vision for international students who have a plan studying abroad by being the bridge between students and their expected education destination.

They can supply useful tips for students ahead the day the going to study in specific destination such as cultural differences. With countless consciousness about career opportunities and education pathways for single international students to address students expectations, as well as they also give students practical advises such as saving money, culture exposure, preparing to study abroad and give a general vision of international student life.

In Emergency situation

Since Education consultants guide students step by step on the way of studying abroad, they are also being seen as student guardians when student is in an entirely new country. They can be an emergency contact under unexpected situations like sickness or flight cancellation etc.

They can support students by educating them about what is the right thing to do when it comes to emergency situations such as

  • How to account for extra help when your course is delayed?

  • What can do when your enrolment gets cancelled due to unforeseen reasons?

  • What kind of procedures an international students has to follow if there is an emergency circumstance that enforce to return back to your home country temporarily?

  • How can the guide students toward the right direction when a certain deadline is past, in case of visa renewal date or a course intake date.

The education consultant can help you with:

  • Understand and help meet criteria’s for the grant of successful student visa

  • Give a apparently explanation for visa requirements

  • Help students understand their obligations as a student visa holder and how to lead a spot free international student life.

  • Help them with extending their student visas onshore by giving them the right advice.

At ASO, we encourage international students to choose the right professional advice in building a strong career abroad. We welcome all international students to connect with us to further develop.