National Accreditation Authority for

Translators and Interpreter (NAATI)

NAATI is a standards organization responsible for setting, promoting and maintaining high professional standards that issues accreditations for practitioners who would like to work as translators and interpreters in Australia.


What is a NAATI-approved course?

Australian educational institutions in the Higher Education (HE) and Vocational Education Training (VET) institutions can make an application to NAATI for approval of translating and/or interpreting courses.

So why should you get a NAATI accredited translator? What are the employment opportunities?

Australia is a multicultural country. If you have a knack for languages and want to break down communication barriers and bridge the language gap, NAATI course would be your best choice. It leads to a fascinating career as a social professional such as become a translator working with text and audio or an interpreter working in business, community services, government or the media.

Furthermore, People are looking to migrate, study, or work in Australia, they are required to translate all documents into English. Australian universities, government bodies and employers require document translations to be completed by a NAATI translator such as Birth Certificates, University Certificates, Academic Transcripts, Identification Cards and so on.

Benefits of The Program and Pathway to Success

  • Students who complete the course at the standard required by NAATI are eligible to apply for NAATI accreditation without taking a NAATI test (until January 2018).

  • Gain a Nationally Recognised qualification. The opportunity to expand a current career path or choose a new career path through nationally recognised qualification.

  • The successfully completing the qualification of the NAATI allows participants to receive 5 extra points on the DIBP’s ‘points test’ when applying for a Skilled Independent (Subclass 189) visa.

Available Courses

  • Diploma of Interpreting

  • Advanced Diploma of Translating

  • Courses are available in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth

Entry Requirements

  • Must be 18 years old or above

  • Undertake entry examination


  • Australian qualifications

  • Health insurance


Course Duration

30 weeks including breaks

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